Consumer Utility Rate Advocacy Division

The Consumer Utility Rate Advocacy Division (CURAD), aggressively represents the interests of Arkansas’ utility customers through advocacy, education and litigation.

The Attorney General’s CURAD Division represents Arkansas ratepayers in front of the Public Service Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. CURAD  litigates on behalf of Arkansas consumers when utilities petition the Public Service Commission for rate increases, seek approval for sales or mergers, request permission to purchase or construct power and when the Commission initiates cases to establish customer service rules and other policies that affect ratepayers. Since 2007, the Attorney General’s office has saved ratepayers hundreds of millions of dollars in rate reductions and rebates.  Those savings are near $1 billion.
CURAD acts as an advocate in giving the “consumers’ side” in policy debates before the General Assembly. CURAD has assisted the legislature in shaping policies which concern ratepayers and utility regulation.

CURAD also acts to educate the rate-paying public. Through the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Hotline, (800) 482-8982, the division handles scores of inquiries each month from utility consumers. Callers seek information concerning their individual bills, the utilities’ rates, or procedures in general. CURAD provides a tip sheet to assist ratepayers in navigating utility costs. CURAD works to resolve complaints against utilities through an informal mediation process. A complaint can be filed here.

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